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We work exclusively with the following languages: ENGLISH, SPANISH and FRENCH. This specialization allows us to retain maximum control throughout the translation process.

Some relevant key points:

  • The English language has been unanimously adopted by international commerce. With respect to legal English, its importance is undeniable, essentially due to the progressive influence of Common Law in the fields of Commercial Law and International Law.
  • Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world (after English and Mandarin Chinese). The Spanish-speaking population of the USA already outnumbers that from Spain and this language grants access to a market that in 2050 is estimated to reach 530 million people.
  • The French language opens numerous doors to those foreign companies wishing to enter the French market or expand their business in the fifth largest economy in the world. It undoubtedly facilitates commercial relations with the francophone countries of the African continent.


  • Creation of a Glossary of Terms, with the aim of providing a translation with consistency and coherence, as well as guaranteeing faithfulness to the original document.
  • Use of Translation Memories or CAT Tools ("Computer-Assisted Translation") to increase speed and, hence, productivity. This type of software stores regularly repeated terms in our database, allowing us to save time and improve efficiency. Nevertheless, these tools simply provide complementary support to the manual translations carried out by our translators. Of course, all documents are subjected to a final review ("proof reading") by the overseeing Project Manager.